About Us

LLM Guru is an initiative to help people realize their dream to study law outside their home country. This could mean in the form of LLM admission, or a bar exam course or simply wanting to obtain greater knowledge on what is the logical next step for you in your career.

We have seen in our experience that there are many admissions consultants available, but they often have not gone through the rigor of the program themselves. Therefore, their advice is often generic and is sometimes unfounded. We aim to change that by providing valuable information from people who have actually been a part of an LLM program and who know what it takes to get into a top program. So instead of someone who simply runs an admissions consultancy and sees you only as a revenue source, we see every candidate as someone who wants to realize their dream. And our goal isn’t to make profit, but rather to help people realize their own goals.

Often many consultants will charge thousands of dollars and make a prospective LLM student feel like they cannot afford to pay for their services. As an initiative, we aim to change that. Our upcoming courses to help people study for bar exams are also part of our aim to help make the process of becoming a dual-qualified lawyer more easy for everybody. Because becoming dual-qualified actually makes you a better lawyer. You can think from different perspectives because you can think from the viewpoint of different legal systems. Furthermore, many a times students have to spend more money on an exam they didn’t clear the first time they gave it, and so that’s where we come in. We help to give you valuable tools, and tricks so that you can beat the exam the next time you walk into that intimidating exam room.

For us affordability is important. We want to make our services affordable for everybody. If financial considerations are important for you, get in touch with us, and we will work something out for you. Realize your dream to go for an LLM and consider us as your knowledge partner.

For more information, contact us at llmguru27@gmail.com