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Best Education Consultants for LLM in Delhi NCR

Initial Consultation

Deciding where to pursue your LL.M. can be a daunting task. There are a billion considerations in your mind: location, employment considerations, the reputation of the law school, the list is endless.

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CV Review

The CV is one of the most underrated and most painstaking part of the application process. One would think that knowing yourself would actually be simple. Perhaps it is. It’s getting your life down to a page which is the challenge.

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Personal Statement Editing

It’s important to pitch your application a certain way. Or different ways for different schools. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks!
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How to get scholarship for LLM in UK

Scholarship Essay Editing

No discussion on LL.M. programs would be complete without talking about the financial considerations that are involved. Getting an LL.M. can be expensive ranging from $30,000 to even $70,000.
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Editing Letter of Recommendation

They say a letter of recommendation can make or break an application. They are correct. However not all recommendations were created equal. And neither are any two recommenders equivalent as well.

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Bar Prep Advice

While you are settling into classes, and getting used to the law school environment in general, another big decision will be what bar prep course you take. Usually this is done earlier in the semester,
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